Call it the Gossip Girl hangover, but headbands are totally fashionable this season. They are the hottest fashion accessories, and they are no longer only for prim schoolgirls or hippies. These long forgotten accessories have made a comeback this season, and you should know how to wear isabel marant sandals them. They are not just for keeping hair out of your forehead and eyes, they are one of the best hair accessories that can give even the most boring hairstyle a look of glamor. From cute plastic headbands, to the more ornate bejeweled ones, there is one that is suitable for every occasion.

Although headbands tops the list of most trendy hair accessories for women this season, you should know the styles that are in vogue, as well as how to wear them. There are many different designs of it for women that are made with different materials. A skinny plastic headband in a dark hue is best paired with a low or messy ponytail. However, if you have bangs, then it is best to avoid wearing these. If you have styled your hair with a poofy ponytail, then a double stranded skinny hairband will look great. Skinny plastic headbands that come in high glitter colors like gold, bronze, and copper look great for a cocktail party or an evening out with friends.


One of the best designs for hippie women is the beaded headbands. These are available in different colors and styles, and go well with beach girl curls. The ones that are a little wider and are made of different fabrics patched together are great for women with long and curly hair. They not only keep hair out of your eyes, but also gives your outfit a bit of flair. You can also opt for headbands with crochet work, and interspersed with small crystals. A stretch isabel marant sale headband that is decorated with handmade silk flowers, like roses or exotic orchids, are also great for casual wear. All these should be paired with long hair that is either curly or wavy. Women with thin limp hair should avoid these headbands.